Friday, 13 July 2018

Share - Feedback and Feedforward

Now that the Y10 unit (and new Y9 Term 2 unit) are being implemented in junior classes, I need to consider how it can be sustainable and how it can be improved. Two questions to consider are:

1. How will I help sustain effective teaching practice with this new junior curriculum and format?
2. How can other science teachers reach me with questions / suggestions?

How will I help sustain effective teacher practice? Having the full year's plans already laid out in advance should improve consistency in learning experience at the junior level for some years into the future (until the NZC is changed, anyway). Teachers only need to look ahead to be ready for practicals and have enough crafty supplies to allow for some of the Extended Abstract activities. Some teachers have been making copies of all the activities to ensure they are familiar with and own the learning, and have then placed it onto their own sites so they can provide feedback for their students. I also ran a speedy tutorial on how to use the new site during a Science Department meeting, and made he screencast/video on my previous post. I have responded to a few email queries on how to run certain activities and manage the spreadsheet, and popped over to a colleague's room after school to help.

How can other science teachers reach me with questions / suggestions? I receive notifications of blog comments, and can also be reached at, as well as the email address I used to create parts of this while I was overseas;  So far my HoD has emailed to say one presentation had links to two videos but that both links went to the same video - that was a quick fix.

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