Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hui Reflection Term 3

Today in the hui we each provided five principles that we thought would be important to tell a new teacher about teaching with technology. Then we all went through and analysed the underlying assumption of each given principle. 

Here are my five principles, analysed by the people in the hui for assumptions:



Establish a routine for disconnecting from the technology when you want to communicate with the class (e.g. slant devices, remove headphones, eyes on you etc).
  • that classroom management is important - with or without technology
For introducing or reviewing new content, try to evaluate online videos/interactives/simulations/activities that are able to be paused and rewound, or that provide immediate feedback to students on how they are going.

  • Teachers can inherently spot the learning value in different tools.
  • Teachers know best how to teach.
  • Having learning student-paced helps students learn.
  • Immediate feedback helps students to learn.
  • Teachers have time to wade through the offerings on the web
Pick ONE platform for all of your visible planning/explanations/resources/work distribution and stick to it throughout the year - an online routine or online learning zone. It is VERY confusing to bounce from gmail to bio folder to short links etc to find your work.

  • that teachers have sufficient confidence and courage of their convictions to go with just one and not be swayed by the brighter and better rhetoric
  • that this doesn’t then lock you into something that is old, useless, boring or superseded by something flasher.
  • That students can’t handle different platforms easily
It is just as good to have an online presence on all of the student’s work (having all their docs open, leaving comments and repeatedly cycling through their work) during class time. They know you’re watching and helping.
-that students like feedback
-that teachers appreciate the value of giving feedback
-that feedback is critical to learning
-that students like to be monitored
Use technology to share planning and learning progressions with colleagues in an organised way, as well as recording student data by having links to student work in one place.
  • several teachers are teaching together/ in the same place/ same school/ on same project.
  • teachers believe in sharing information