Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Student Voice and Agency

It's Wednesday afternoon at uLearn and I'm two thirds of the way through my presentations!


Right now I'm sitting in a presentation about student voice and agency.

Here are some things I took away from the session today: 

~  Student voice needs to be recorded to have agency.

~  Never ask "are there any questions?" - because there won't be. Rather say "what IS your question?" It tells student's it's about personalised learning, and that we need them to think. And it's ok to have a think, and then have a question.

~  If it's free, it's for me. 

~  Twitter and https://twitterfall.com/ to quickly gain student voice, then get them to reply to each other's tweets online too. 

~  Every Thursday period one Stuart starts the lesson with everyone dancing, to a different song each week. Why? Certainly not his idea. He asked the class how to revitalise them and get them ready for class on a Thursday morning - the class said they want to have a boogie. Kids run to class for it! Two rules only: no mocking, and no sitting out - dance to the best of your ability. 

~  Student voice and agency allows teachers to get out of the way of learning. 

And finally, here's the Padlet of everyone who was in the session today, Padlets are so easily embedded!