Friday, 24 August 2018

Learn - Identify Trends - Strategies

What literacy strategies are working for them in other classes?

The other day Student 2 told me that “science is boring” and social studies has much
better activities. I asked her to get me one of these better activities so I can see it,
which she did. It was a single piece of paper with a table on it, and it had students
making notes from a video and then forming conclusions from it. It had a nice stepping
stone nature too it, but the thing that I hypothesise the student liked about it was it related to
Maori and Pasifica migration from the Islands to New Zealand - it had relevance to the student.
Sometimes I find it hard to link science to culture. 

Anyway, I tried to recreate the format of the activity in science and it didn't work very well. 

My next step is to go and talk to a few of their other teachers and
find out what literacy strategies they've tried with this class and what works.

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