Friday, 30 May 2014

Using Youtube to Create and Edit Videos

Youtube - not just a place to watch videos about how to communicate with giraffes or watching Koko the Gorilla bonding with kittens... This blog post is all about how to create and edit a movie using only youtube! 

First of all you need to upload videos to youtube. You can do this by clicking the 'Upload' button and recording direct from your webcam, or selecting files already on your device to upload. 

Another way to upload videos is to email them to your youtube. This is particularly useful because most people have cameras on their phone. Students doing group projects can film multiple angles at the same time and then send them to the same youtube account for combining and editing. To find out the email of your youtube account, first click on your youtube user - mine is A menu will open. 

Click on youtube settings and you will be taken to this page. You will see next to 'Mobile Uploads' an email Once your students have finished editing and published the videos you can change this email by pressing 'Click here.' 

Right, now all your videos have been filmed or uploaded you'll want to edit them. Click on your account name again to open the menu. This time click on 'Video Manager.' 

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a menu for 'Video Manager.' Click on 'Creation Tools.' 

You will be taken to a page called 'Audio Library.' This contains all the music that is free for you to use when making your video. It's too early to worry about that though. First of all you need to get your actual video looking good, before you start to think about adding music or sound effects. 

Under creation tools select 'Video Editor.' 

You will be taken to a screen that looks like this, except where it ays "no videos were found" there will be all the videos that you have filmed and uploaded. Pick which one you would like to edit, then drag and drop it into the row next to the film camera. 

There are other features available to you as well.  One of those is found under the creative commons (the logo with CC inside a circle).  These are videos free for you to use!  You can drag and drop any of them into your video. 

The other options are to add photos, add sound, change the transitions between scenes and to add text. 

Once you have added everything that you want, you can start chopping them up and adding extra effects to the individual segments. To cut a segment in half click on the segment and click on the scissors. Then move the blue bar to where you want to cut, and click your mouse just once. 

Next you can add effects to the different segments you have created. Click on the segment in your bar and this white section will pop up, allowing you to add filters to the segment (just like Instagram), text, sound effects, slow it down, change the brightness, and stabilise it (useful for steadying videos filmed on shaky camera phones). 

 Once you have a finished product that you are happy with, click 'Publish' in the top right hand corner. Check the sharing settings are what you want. Below I have included a screencast saying everything I have just written (for those of you who are visual learners). 

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