Tuesday, 13 November 2018

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Comparing pretest to post test vocabulary.

Students were given the same instructions for both tests;
simply “you have 3 minutes to write down as many words relating to volcanoes
as you can.” I encouraged them to keep it a secret from their neighbour and
to just use their brains. I tried to turn it into a bit of a game!

Three minutes was the perfect amount of time. Some had run out of words and
only a few were still writing furiously at the end, and that only happened in the post-test!

I also took some Kahoot data near the start of my interventions - after the interactive reading:

Kahoot scores from the middle (including literacy questions about the Lake Taupo interactive reading):

Interestingly, Student 2 only scored 41% in the kahoot. Student 2 did not enjoy the
interactive reading activity before the kahoot at all (questions were based off the
reading), but DID appear to enjoy the other interventions, particularly the crossword
that linked vocabulary to definitions and the feedback from me that went along with that.
I guess that speaks to the need to revisit content over a longer period and in different ways.

Student 2 has made the biggest vocabulary shift in both quantity and quality of
volcanic vocabulary (as you will see), but their kahoot score indicates most of the shift
happened after this interactive reading.

Click here to open the comparison of pre and post test data.

TLDR summary of data: so far 2 students have improved in both quantity and quality of volcanic vocabulary. The other 2 have dropped slightly in quantity and the quality of words remained the same; they omitted some from pre to post test but replaced them with roughly-equivalent quality scientific volcanic vocabulary. Two more results weren't collected due to extended absences.

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