Monday, 19 November 2018

Create - Innovate - Writing Sentences In Science

During the KPop in Science unit I have been explicitly teaching how to write well. 

Not how to write well in science.

How to write well. 

We started with "writing with precision" and I used an (only slightly) adjusted lesson with Y9, 11 and 13. My friend Kata (who attended the same writing conference with me) also used these slides with her tutor, Y9, 12 and 13. We share some of the Y11's and 13's, and they recognised the learning from their other subject. 

This is the presentation I used with Y9, at the end of their "forensics" unit. 

The link to this is here.

The class completed the learning activities for this on paper
Next we moved onto the Evil and Good Wizard activities, which focussed very simply on the use of capital letters and fullstops (see previous blog).
Since then I've taught them some different styles of sentences to include in their writing (again, thanks to the learning I took from Dr Ian Hunter, founder of Write That Essay, which I desperately want our school to purchase).

The link for this presentation is here, and we completed these sentences online on a shared Padlet. 
Students completed blog posts reflecting on their hangi experience utilising the three sentences they had just learnt about, some links to their blogs here:

Later I taught the remaining three sentence types

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