Saturday, 24 March 2018

Identify Trends - Student Data - Reading and Writing

Here are the reading and writing results for 9TGn:

Red students are the students that identify as Maori in the class. 

How to interpret results: 

B stands for basic.
P stands for proficient.
A stands for advanced.

Students are expected to arrive at secondary school in Year 9 ready to learn at level 5, as a high 4. 
Students at level 2 have given very little evidence of reading or writing ability.

Interesting 9TGn results: 

Only 3 students are where they should be (4A, 5B and 5A) and only in writing.

The class average in reading is 3P.
The class average in writing is slightly higher at 3A.
This is more than a full year level below where they should be in Year 9.

Student 1 is level 4P in reading but drops to 2B in writing (a big, unexpected drop - perhaps this student was mucking around during the writing test and this result is not reliable).
Student 12 is level 3B at reading but increases a whole level in writing.
Student 3 has a whole level difference between reading and writing.

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