Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Momentum - Beautiful and Organised

I went along to a toolkit run by the lovely +Noelene Dunn and Jason Sharma a few weeks ago, and the best thing that I learned about was a fantastic Google extension called 'Momentum.'

Momentum is a super-simple daily organiser and beautiful wallpaper for any newly opened tabs in your chrome browser. 

I love the beautiful, calming background images and the easy-to-use list of things to do. It is extremely satisfying crossing tasks out and deleting them from the list! Even the simple fact that it greets me by my name brightens my morning :) 

This post is about how to set up your computer with Momentum!

First, go to the chrome store:

Search for momentum, it looks like this (about fourth down the page):

Walk through the simple instructions to set up your name and where you live. 

Each day has a different beautiful picture, quote, and you will be asked what 'your focus' is for the day every day :) 

Down the bottom right are the words 'To Do'. Click this to enter your to do list!

When you are done with a task, click the white box and a line will appear through it (ahhh, so satisfying... if you are like me then you probably break down tasks into smaller ones just so you can tick more of these boxes!)

To delete the completed task from the list click the little x to the right of it.

And there you go! 

Now you are guaranteed to have at least one thing happy to see you each morning, asking how you are and reminding you of all the many and varied things you need to do.    :P 

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